Opening Season

March 2020

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To Our Valued Customers:

COVID-19 has definitely changed our current way of life, which obviously impacts our current way of doing business. And like the rest of society, we must adapt by not only recognizing the severity of the situation, but in finding ways to proactively work and live smarter while offering help to those who want and need it.

Southern Illinois Pool & Spa wants to let our customers know that we will open April 1, that we understand their needs and that we are complying with government mandates. We are expanding our services beyond normal operating conditions by offering the following:

  • We will conduct business by phone, fax, text, email, Facebook messenger or face time/video chat.
  • We will conduct drop-off water testing with results being emailed or a follow up phone call. (Drop box is on the side porch)
  • Purchasing may be conducted by phone, fax, text, email or Facebook messenger. (Click here for customer shopping list )
  • Local, product home delivery or curbside pickup at the pool shop to minimize contact.
  • Unfortunately, we WILL NOT allow in store visits by customers, at this time.

Customers can contact Southern Illinois Pool and Spa in the following ways:

  • Telephone (618-273-7665)
  • Fax (618-273-7664)
  • Kenny’s Cell, leave a message or text (618-926-1912)
  • Email (
  • Facebook Messenger, Southern Illinois Pool & Spa

Also, check these web sites for information about Doughboy Pools and our BioGuard Pool Chemicals:

We hope that by working beyond our normal operations we can provide service at a level that matches our customer needs, especially during these challenging times. It is vitally important that we do our part to safeguard the health and safety of our customers, our support staff and ourselves.  We hope that the situation is temporary and normal business returns quickly, but in the meantime, know that we are willing to help however we can.

Be safe and stay positive,

Heather and Kenny